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The Ten Commandments of Sweepstaking

1. Thou shalt read the rules.
2. Thou shalt enter only the sweepstakes thee wants to win.
3. Thou shalt enter consistently.
4. Thou shalt give accurate information when entering.
5. Thou shalt learn to make macros.
6. Thou shalt share new sweepstakes with fellow sweepers.
7. Thou shalt beware of scams.
8. Thou shalt brag about thy wins.
9. Thou shalt be organized.
10. Thou shalt have fun!
1. You must read the rules, to be sure you are eligible for the sweepstakes. Some are void in Florida; if you live in Florida, you are not eligible to win that sweepstakes. Some sweepstakes have age restrictions, as well. Some allow you to enter daily, while some restrict you to a one time entry.
2. If you don't like golf, then don't enter a sweepstakes that has a golf package as a prize. If you win, that will be the prize you win. If you don't like every prize offered by the sweepstakes, then it's best to leave it for other people who do like them.
3. You can't win if you don't enter. Enter sweepstakes as often as the rules allow.
4. Accurate information is a must! If you misspell your e-mail address or other vital information, how will you be notified if you are a winner?
5. Macros? Well, if you can't make them yourself, you can download Keyboard Express (30 day free trial), EZSweep (two week free trial), Grab the Gator! or TypeItIn. These programs are very user friendly and easy to set up. And, now there is new software for users of Windows 95 or better called Sweep! It helps you keep track of the contests and sweepstakes you enter and reminds you when it's time to enter again. It is a wonderful program! Best of all, it's free!
6. If you can't win them, then you want your cyber sweeper buddies to win, right? The main Usenet newsgroup is alt.consumers.sweepstakes. A good place to share sweepstakes with others as well as find new ones, this is a private newsgroup, but publically accessible, hypermart.members.sweepsmart. If you prefer, there are also mailing lists SweepEazy, Win On The Web and many other fine mailing lists at eGroups. Be sure to check whether you want single messages or digest form when you sign up! There are also sweepstakes newsletters, I like the Almost Weekly Newsletter and the New Stuff newsletter, both found at Red Hot Sweeps. These are excellent sources for finding new sweepstakes, and new friends! There are also several sweepstakes web pages, check out my links page for a listing of some of the best sweepstakes web sites.
7. Scams are an unfortunate fact of life in sweepstaking. Most sponsors are great, but there are always a few who are looking to scam people. You just need to be aware, and if you run across a scammer, let others know. And never send money to claim a prize. Legitimate contests and sweepstake sponsors will never ask you to do this.
8. Half the fun in winning is having braggin' rights. If you do win, tell other sweepers about it; we want someone we know to win, if it can't be ourselves.
9. Being organized is the single best way to ensure you win frequently. I use Sweep! to keep my sweepstakes straight. It's a great program...you have to take the time to set it up, and then it automatically reminds you when it's time to enter again. You also get TypeItIn included with Sweep!. This enables you to customize your entry form information for each individual sweepstakes. I hope you get this wonderful *free* program, too!
10. If you're not having fun entering sweepstakes, then why do it? It's a hobby, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses...especially if you win them!

What's the Difference?
1. Raffles: These require a purchase of a ticket in order to win, and are often used as a fund raising device.
2. Contests: These require a skill of some sort. The Pillsbury© Bake Off is a contest. Answering a question correctly in order to qualify for entry also constitutes a contest.
3. Sweepstakes: These are purely random drawings, requiring no purchase and no skills. Of course, luck helps!
4. And some sweepstakes are using a qualifying question, then you're entered into the random drawing.

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